Efficient, Accurate Cost Estimating

June, 25-27, 2018

New Orleans, Louisiana

Optimize Data Management & Team Collaboration to Develop Accurate Estimates & Winning Bids

Despite the continuous demand for generation, substation, and T&D construction in the power industry, utilities and their partners have yet to optimize estimating methods or gain a strong understanding of each other’s processes.

However, change is imminent. Utilities are now setting up dedicated estimating departments. Technology advances are changing the way you work. Historical data is being further utilized to improve accuracy of conceptual estimates and reduce risk. It’s more important than ever to benchmark ideas and explore how to get the most from your team.

Electric Utility Cost Estimating 2018 will bring together utilities, engineering firms and contractors for the first time to share best practices and foster common understanding throughout the estimation, bid and review process. Join us in June in New Orleans to make sure you reap the financial benefits of staying ahead of the growing competition!

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“I was very impressed with the general willingness of my contemporaries to share their experiences for the betterment of our industry. An impressive commitment to the profession above the individual interests of the participants. Here is the real value of getting together to share and inspire one another.”

- Bond Brothers

“It was an excellent forum for productive and interesting dialogue.”

- National Grid